Included javascript frameworks

The bundled library contains:


Font awesome is include. Please see the font awesome documentation.

Structure of the framework

The framework has the following file structure

  • apps - small selfdependent html apps that can be dynamically loaded into the Actionpads
    • ...
  • System - READ ONLY! This is the base of the framework and should never be modified
    • bin - launch Google Chrome in Allow Cross Origin mode
    • css

      • lime.css - styling for the framework. Overrides several Twitter Bootstrap stylings

      • font-awesome.css

      • bootstrap.css
        • font - Font files for Font awesome
      • ...
        • img - images used in the framework which aren't from Font Awesom
      • ...
        • js - all javacript used in the framework
      • lbs.js - Frameworks main javascript
      • ... Third party frameworks ...
        • view - Views used by the system, for example the debug view
      • application.html

The core: lbs.js and it's modules

lbs.js is the main file of the framework is mainly in charge of setup and delegating tasks. It uses the following modules to accually do stuff: * lbs.apploader.js - Handels the loading of the apps and their initiation * lbs.bindings.js - The custom knockout bindnings are defined here * lbs.loader.js - Handels loading of scripts, views and styles. * lbs.log.js - Handels logging to the custom console.