Lime Bootstrap

The Lime Bootstrap (LBS) framework is made to make it easier, better and faster working with Actionpads in Lime CRM Desktop. The framework relies heavily on Knockout.js and Twitter Bootstrap but with custom styling and a simple, yet powerful script called lbs.js. The framework contains several built in functions and third party libraries, but is also expandable through custom apps.

LBS is only meant to be used inside Lime CRM Desktop, but for debugging reasons all functionality (except the data connections) should work in any browser.


  • WebView2 or Internet Explorer 11
  • Lime CRM Desktop 10.11 or greater


LBS is included in the Lime CRM Base Solution and nothing is needs to be done in this case. If installing LBS from scratch:

  1. Copy the system and resources folders, lbs.html and _config.js to the Actionpad-folder.
  2. Import the two VBA modules found in the VBA folder.
  3. Save VBA and Publish Actionpads.

If you'll like the some basic views to start with you should copy them from the latest Lime CRM Base Solution acionpad folder.


Upgrading LBS is done by downloading the lastest version and replacing some files and VBA. Remember to check if you need to unblock the zip file (right click>Properties>Unblock>OK).

  1. Check the _config.js for customizations and add those to the new _config.js file.
  2. Copy the system and resources folders, lbs.html and _config.js to the Actionpad-folder.
  3. Delete the VBA modules Localize and lbsHelper and import the VBA modules found in the VBA folder.
  4. Save VBA and Publish Actionpads.

Custom CSS in LBS

Our recommendation and the basic principle are to avoid the use of self-written CSS in LBS since we can not guarantee how this will affect future versions of LBS. The purpose of LBS is to standardize Actionpads and to be able to deliver updates without worrying for failures.

We cannot prevent customers to add their own written CSS. If you really have to you SHOULD NOT update lime.css or add a custom CSS file in system / css folder. This is very risky since an update will replace the entire system folder. To avoid disasters where custom css is removed when updating LBS you should follow the below instructions.

Create a folder called custom in the actionpad folder, in this folder create a CSS file called custom.css

This file is not maintained by Lundalogik and we can not guarantee that the custom CSS will work with future LBS updates, but it will not get overwritten or removed. In addition to this they have to include it in lbs.html, which it does with the following line of code in the css section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href"custom/custom.css" />

IMPORTANT: The recommendation is to avoid custom CSS.