This is the last release of LBS. Further updates will be included in Lime CRM Desktop. To make sure a solution will work with Lime CRM Desktop 11.0 or greater, Please make sure LBS 1.12 is installed. Download LBS 1.12


  • Cookies
  • Currency filter
  • Selectable watch
  • Improved searchability
  • Option keys in VM
  • No more snow
  • Log to infolog
  • Improved language support
  • Font awesome 4.4
  • Info about load time for apps and LBS


  • Search for data in the watch
  • Improved log functionality
  • Minified CSS and JavaScript
  • Knockout 3.3
  • Fontawesome 4.3
  • Moment 2.10.3
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.5


  • New data carousel
  • New colors
  • Improved data-bind popover
  • Updated Font Awsome to 4.2
  • Updated Bootstrap to 3.2.1
  • Added utility file Jotnar.js


This is coming


  • Shortkeys for opening and closing watches and logs
  • A lot of new bindings
  • Knockout 3.1
  • Knockout punches
  • Fontawesome 4.1


  • Better watch management
  • Linting and errorhandling
  • Bug fixes


  • Updated log functionality
  • New config solution
  • Joshua - helper to get started with apps


  • ViewModel viewer
  • Right-click enabled in debugmode
  • No version check outside if Lime


  • Bugfix: Handeling of _config.js now works in IE9
  • Bugfix: Index-view won't cause an ugly error any more
  • Bugfix: Checking for updates should work better


NOTE: Not backwards compatible, user action needed on upgrade.

  • The big 1.0 release! untz untz untz
  • NOTE: Format of _config.js has changed and the file must be replaced! If you are upgrading and you have modified the file, look at the new format and apply your changed accordingly. Should be a 10 second fix.
  • Apps now auto-magically check their versions compared to the latest version available on the appstore. If a newer (and always better) version has been released you can directly downloaded and install it with three clicks and one copy-paste.
  • New dataSources are available. Most exciting is 'AsyncPost' which combined with a proxy server for Lime WebService can fetch data without Lime freezing. Great job FredrikL!


  • Now in Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.
  • Handling of inline and tab views have been improved


  • Bugs have been eaten!


NOTE: Not backwards compatible, user action need on upgrade.

  • Added version checking. If debug is turned on the version of the installed framework is compared with the current version on GitHub. The user is notified and can download a new version.
  • Added a method to the VBA method "lbsHelper". If upgrading, replace old version with new.


  • Added support for insepctorId param in 10.11
  • Added global config, removed inline config
  • Inline config entries in "comment-style" should be moved to _config.js


  • Bugfix: The styling of the menu hover-effekt is imporoved
  • Bugfix: Header icon is now properly aligned


  • Skins are now supported! Actionpads must be reloaded to apply the skin change.


  • Updated to font awesome 4.0. All icon bindings must be changed to handel the new "fa-" naming convention
  • Updated to Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • .nav-header should be change to .menu-header
  • .menu property "hidden" should be changed to "collapsed"


  • Replace header tag <div class="header-fa-container helpdesk"> with <div class="header-icon"></div>. The image to show will sort itself out.
  • Place any images you may need in the root folder "resources" or a subdirectory of it
  • Invoke old-school apps with the binding "appInvoke"
  • Remove div with id #header-info and add class .info-links to the list of info links in the header
  • Remove div with id #content-container