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Changelog for Lime Bootstrap 2


  • Support for the new Lime CRM theme
  • Fixed a number of dataSource load errors
  • Now supporting legacy use of loadDataSources which a few apps where using
  • Improved error handeling and should now provided clearer error messages
  • Optimized time to first render

2.1.0 - The one were you can debug things again

  • Firebug was removed as a debugger, as it never worked on Windows-servers.
  • A very crude logging solution were logs end up in the Event Viewer has been implemented instead.
  • A new Base64 VBA module has been added to achieve this

The goal is to removed all of this again, as soon as we have Chromium up and running in Lime CRM


Minor bug fix


  • Fixed styling when using button-groups


Lime Bootstrap is a major rewrite of most of Lime Bootstrap. We have moved to a reliable build and packaging and improved tooling. Foundation for new exciting features has been set, such as moving to components and new datasources for the REST-api.


  • Dependencies are managed with npm
  • ES6 is used and transpiled with Babel
  • Bundling is moved from Gulp to
  • Tests are added with Jest
  • Base views are no longer dynamically loaded
  • Docs and website have been modernized
  • Old debug view is removed and replace with good old Firebug Lite. The chromium debugger will be final replacement.
  • Version checking of apps and framework is removed, versioning through limeplug is the replacement
  • Better support for being used inside Chromium
  • Moved most dependencies to latest version, exceptions are Bootstrap and Font Awesome
  • LBS can be run fully decoupled from VBA

New functionality

Breaking changes

  • xml2json has been replaced and functions a tiny bit differently. It just takes a string representing a XML-object as its sole parameter
  • loadDataSource has been changed to return the result instead of merging of the supplied model, i.e data = loadDataSource(...). Old way still works, but is strongly discouraged.