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Why is Lime Bootstrap the best thing since sliced bread?

1 - Easy to use

The framework is designed to be super easy to use and give you the least amount of surprise

2 - Powerful

Build advanced functions in a structured way, with all the boring stuff already handled

3 - Safe

Lime Bootstrap is built to work with future browsers and the framework can be upgraded without affecting your customizations

Lime Bootstrap Appstore

Download and add apps to your actionpads.
Or why don't you add your own?


Study hard and you will become a Bootstrap master. Here you'll find all the material you'll need


Learn how to build views, add links and simple actions. It's not hard at all to do amazing stuff


Ready for the next level? Try working with logic in your templates!

Building Apps

Let's take it away and try building your very own LIME Bootstrap App!


We are really interested in your ideas and contribution!

Are you interested in what's going on with Lime Bootstrap, check out our Trello-board.
If you find some of our ideas intresting, just vote or comment.

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by @andreasastrom , @hernrup , @kahrstrom and @thinkflipp